Utterly and Completely Gross

On Tuesdays, the girls are with me. Lauri works late, and I typically feed the girls, give them their bath, and get them somewhere close to bed. I am not always completely successful with any of these agenda items, but half-done is better than none done.

CB, Lily, and I are curled up in bed, a girl under each arm, reading.  Then, something happens. This is gross. Like, totally gross. You shouldn’t read it. Really. You’ve been warned.

Dad: “Bon jour, Happy Lion, said the red squirrel, hardly loo–” Wait… CB, what are you eating?

CB:  Nothing. It’s just some snot.

Dad: You’re kidding.

Lily: What are you eating?

Dad: Lily, don’t worry about it.

CB: It’s just some snot, Lily.

Lily: I want some snot.

Dad: Lily, you don’t want this. CB, that’s totally gross, stop that.

CB: It’s just, like, mushy boogers.

Dad: No.


Dad: NO. *facepalm*


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